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zz Animation Showcase

A showcase of the animations that we can produce. Feel free to check out our YouTube channel.

Product Promotion

This video is perfect for marketing your offer or sale items. In this example, it is for a supermarket anniversary sale. This video can be placed in your Facebook, Instagram, other social media pages or your website. If you have a TV in your shop, this can also be placed there. This will engage way more customers than a simple picture.

Events Marketing

A successful event is a full house event. Capture the imagination of as many potential customers as possible with a video. This example is for a children event at a shopping mall. This video can be placed on your Facebook, Instagram, other social media pages or your website. A video will make your event feel more interesting and exciting compared to a simple picture.

Training Videos

Training or internal communications can be boring. Spice up your presentation with some animated videos. Complex topics can be explained easily. Videos have that lasting effect that will stay in your audience’s memory longer. All our videos come in Full HD (1920p x 1080p) so it will look sharp on most projectors. Even the sleepy person sitting at the back will wake up.

Sales Pitch

Selling is a difficult job. Stand out from the competition. Arm yourself with an animated video to impress your clients or to explain difficult topics. This can make the difference that will help you secure the deal. Our videos can be played from mobile devices, shared on WhatsApp/WeChat/Line or uploaded YouTube/Vimeo so that you can maximise your marketing reach.

Educational Videos

Need to educate a large audience? A video is the most effective and practical medium to achieve that. Our videos can be distributed on social media, websites, shop-front displays, advertisement panels, etc. Achieve maximum impact with minimum effort.