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zz Kopi Game


Kopitiam Auntie: Drink? Kopi, Teh, Milo, Barley, Ju Hua?
(Stands with tray, waiting impatiently for your order)

Typical? Welcome to you local Singaporean or Malaysian kopitiam. Come experience this rich cultural heritage with us.

Game Features

Experience being a barista in pre independence Malaysia and Singapore. Do you know your Kopi O or Teh C Gau Siew Dai Peng enough to get the job Who invented the kopitiam culture? Learn about the struggles of our kopitiam pioneers.


1938. The year that Lok Ann kopitiam was founded by the Tan family. Sitting at the corner of Kuala Lumpur Chinatown, it welcomes guests with the smell of kopi daily.

The dream ended in 2013 when the Lok Ann kopitiam shop house was acquired by the government through compulsory land acquisition to build the MRT underground. Over 75 years of heritage was lost in a day.

Although physical heritage can easily be lost, cultural heritage lives on. In one small way, the cultural heritage of Lok Ann kopitiam and hotel lives on in this game.