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Our Commitment.

We understand the importance of exams in shaping the future of our students.
Singapore Syllabus

Our exam questions are written by teachers in strict accordance to the Singapore syllabus.

Exam Simulation

We simulate exam timing and stress to prepare our students for the real examinations.


The exams can be taken at any time, allowing students to maximise their learning opportunity.

PC, Tablet or Mobile

The exams are designed to work seamlessly on your PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Improved Exam Results

Satisfied Parents

Loved by Students



Our Exam Simulators

We understand the stress of exams.

So we prepare our students to thrive in exams with our exam simulators.

Real Exam conditions

Our exam paper is designed to be exactly the same as the real exam. The difficulty level is similar to a real exam. The timing is tracked strictly so our students learn how to pace themselves in the real exam.


On PC, Tablet & mobile

Our exam simulator is optimised for PC, tablet and mobile. You can take the exam at your own pace. Study anywhere at anytime.



Get analytics on all your attempts. Find out how much time you took on each attempt. Pace yourself to complete well ahead of time with enough time to check your answers for maximum score.


Unlimited Attempts

Want to try again? You can retake the exam papers as many times as you need to. No need to erase your answers. No restrictions, it’s all up to you.


Affordable Pricing

Our prices are very affordable. We believe education should be accessible to all.

Here is an example of our prices.
Demo Maths
Exam Papers



  • 5 example questions
  • Exam simulator
  • PC, Tablet or Mobile
  • Automated marking
  • Unlimited attempts
  • Answers with explanations
Primary 6 PSLE Maths
5 Sets of Exam Papers


5 Sets

  • 5 sets of Maths paper
  • Includes paper 1 and 2
  • Exam simulator
  • PC, Tablet or Mobile
  • Automated marking
  • Unlimited attempts
  • Answers with explanations
  • Access for 1 year

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